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Why the beauty rituals of Cleopatra still matter.

Hey Ya’ll…

So, as promised, here’s a little rundown on some of the amazing, natural, sweet-smelling things that my personal beauty icon, Cleopatra used to make herself so irresistible, (many of these ingredients can be found in almost all of our Sweet Georgia Sugar lines…just sayin’…).

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Our girl, Cleo was renowned for her loveliness, she was a fierce warrior, a brilliant strategist, and based on her beauty rituals, the original hippie chick. She was somewhat of a botanical chemist, and historians contend that she utilized substances found in nature to keep herself youthful and fresh, (I’m guessing it was kinda stinky back then, ya’ll…what with the lack of indoor plumbing and such). Here’s a list of her most treasured rituals:

Honey: Honey was used in ancient times as a part of the daily bathing ritual. It has antibacterial properties that helps kill germs, while at the same time being very moisturizing to the skin. It plumps up fine lines, and removes dead skin and environmental toxins. Sometimes Cleopatra mixed honey with both goat’s milk, (eww), and essential oils,(yum), as a way to cleanse the skin.

Dead Sea Salt: This was mixed with almond oil and highly fragranced essential oils and used as a body scrub. Sea salt is said to have healing properties and helps with tired sore muscles when you add it to a bath, (I’m sure she had to do this a lot, what with the taking over ancient lands and romping around the Pyramids with Marc Antony and all). For a modern take, try mixing some Epsom salts with your favorite essential oil and dissolving it in a warm bath…may I suggest trying frankincense? This was a favorite scent of Cleopatra’s and it smells beautiful on your skin. There are modern studies that suggest it is a viable treatment for arthritis, as well as having antidepressant properties. Man, those Egyptians were smart, huh?

Natron: This is basically baking soda…it was used in ancient times as a cleansing agent…Cleo mixed it with honey to make a gentle facial scrub. I have done this, you guys, and you have to try it! You will see an immediate difference, your skin will glow, you will never want to use a synthetic facial scrub again!

Coconut Oil: She is said to have mixed this with olive oil and applied it to her hair to combat dryness and increase shine. I can vouch for this one too, having left my beloved Southern humidity to move to the practically-a-desert state of Colorado. Try it! You’ll never want to go back to your old conditioner, I swear!

So there it is, guys, a list of natural ingredients that you probably have in your very own kitchen right this second, that will make your skin glow and will stir your senses. The ancient civilizations had it right…right up until the Victorians who thought it would be an awesome idea to use arsenic as face powder…

Until next time, ya’ll…have a sweet day!

– Sarah

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