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The First Week

The First Week

So this was my first full week of “working” from home, ya’ll. I say “working” because I feel like I didn’t get much work done. Now, in my defense, Christmas fell in the middle of the week, so we had cooking and wrapping and family and all the other stuff that goes along with it. Then on Thursday, I had to manage the inevitable after Christmas let down with the kids, where they lament about the gifts not received and start on their 2014 Christmas lists, (Santa, I hope you are prepared to build the “Awesome Barbie Dream House” for Ava next year. She felt that it was all kinds of unfair that you “forgot” to bring it this year).

Then, I HAD to get my home office set up to my liking, which included hanging up inspirational quotes and figuring out how the hell to go from using the PC I’ve had at work for the past 20 years to the Mac, which my husband assures me is far superior, (so, you’re saying if I want to scroll DOWN, I actually scroll UP on the mouse?). And I had to unpack and organize my office supplies, find a place for my plant, (which I’m sure to kill by next week), and my incense, and my post-its and whatnot.

So, now it’s Friday, and I’m ready to do some work. Except, you guys? I had to walk through the living room and kitchen on the way to my basement office. Which meant that I HAD to stop and do the dishes, pick up the 12 pairs of socks off the living room floor, put the throw pillows back on the couch, and maybe I should just sweep real quick, since I’m here anyway. I should also go ahead and take the trash out too, and oh look, Hoda and Kathie ARE drunk during the fourth hour of Today…wait…Today has a FOURTH hour? OMG, that means it’s 11 AM, ya’ll! And I’ve yet to do even one SGS-related task.

WTF, you guys? I mean, it’s not like this is a half day or anything, how did I get so sidetracked? This is part of the “working from home” scenario that I didn’t really think through all the way. I realize that I am going to have to set some strict guidelines for myself, be on time for work, just like if I had to leave the house to get there, ignore those pressing household tasks until the work day is over, ignore the TV and Facebook and (OMG, ya’ll, this is the BEST time-wasting site out there), and focus on the tasks at hand. Set my work-from-home day up just like I set my work-away-from-home days up, even if there is no boss looking over my shoulder. And then it hit me…I AM the boss, ya’ll. Finally, the declaration I made to my mom when I was eight, (while aiming a swift kick at the fridge for emphasis), is coming true: I AM the boss of me. Wow.

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