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Sweet Georgia Sugar Top 10 Natural and Organic Round-Up • June 15, 2016

Sweet Georgia Sugar Natural and Organic Lifestyle Link Round-Up

Well, it’s finally summer, y’all. Whew, I thought we’d never make it…I live in Colorado where we got a foot of snow in April, for goodness sake. Anyhoo, my kids are home and interrupting me approximately every six minutes to ask for a snack, for me to “watch this” and for one to tattle on the other. My day is basically broken up into about 10-minute segments, which means that’s my new attention span. Ten minutes. So here’s a roundup of my favorite 10-minute reads. I tried to pick things that y’all would like, too, you know, in case you’re home with fighting kiddos…or at work with fighting kiddos…or at work and trying to look busy. You’re welcome.

  1. West African Shea Butter: My Beauty Secret!
    Shea butter is the bomb, you guys. Period. You should be using it for EVERYTHING. This blog is really great. She even explains how shea butter is made, which is really rad.
  2. Why I Don’t Use Petroleum Jelly (and What I Use Instead)
    A friend of mine said to me the other day that she had a bad sunburn and that she was just “gonna rub some vaseline on it”, NOOOOOOOOO!!!
  3. 10 All-Natural Beauty Blogs to Help You Go Green
    You guys, I love all things natural, you know I do. But I also love ALL THE MAKEUP. And because “natural beauty” is still kind of emerging, it can be hard to know which brands to trust. I like these blogs because they give some really frank info about different brands out there, and also throw in some DIY stuff which I plan to do…someday.
  4. 7 Nontoxic Nail Polish Brands
    I miss my fake nails, y’all. There, I said it. My darkest secret. I loved having fake nails. I loved that the polish stayed on for two weeks. I loved that they were all the same length, and that I could basically do anything I wanted and they always looked great. It made me feel put together. But then I started researching what’s in all the stuff they used to make my nails look so great and I just couldn’t do it anymore. So now, my nail polish is as non-toxic as my makeup. And honestly, my nails look pretty great. Here are some favorite non-toxic polish brands.

    coconut bs round rectangle - Sweet Georgia Sugar Top 10 Natural and Organic Round-Up • June 15, 2016

  5. How Our Natural Skin Care Products Will Help You Beat The Heat
    So, I know I just said that it snowed in April and thank goodness it’s summer and all that…but it’s HOT, you guys! Here are some tips to keep you cool.
  6. 13 Amazing All-Natural Perfumes
    I love perfume. I love trying different ones. I love being associated with a particular scent (right now, it’s vanilla and coconut…So. Much. Yum.). But what I don’t love? All the yucky chemicals found in most perfumes. In fact, since starting Sweet Georgia Sugar, I cannot tolerate ANYTHING synthetic. So here are some natural perfumes that won’t irritate your skin or kick up your allergies.

    Bonus: Perfume For Strange Women
    And I have to include these guys too because their perfumes are so freaking beautiful. I want to buy every single one.

  7. The 12 Best Natural Sunscreens to Try Now
    People ask me a lot about all natural sunscreens. Here’s a list of really great ones.
  8. How To Make Infused Water + 10 Tasty Flavor Combinations
    Are you having as much trouble as I am drinking enough water every day? This will help. (P.S. This is one of my favorite blogs ever of all time. I go to look at one thing and I stay for hours.)
  9. Better bronzing: 5 organic and natural self-tanners that make getting a glow even safer
    I love a tan. I know it isn’t safe. I know the sun is poison. But I like having a little glow in the summer. I used to use ALL the fake tanning lotions until I realized that using chemicals to turn my skin another color was probably a terrible idea. But guess what? There are organic self-tanners now, (one of these uses BEETS to give you that summer glow…BEETS, you guys!)
  10. Top 10 Best Organic Lipstick Brands
    And finally, it’s the worst hay fever season on record and now I can’t wear eyeliner or mascara because my stupid allergy eyes water all the time or are puffy and tired looking. So I’ve deemed this the “Red Lip Summer”, to try and distract everyone from the fact that I look like I’ve been crying for days. These are my faves.
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