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The reasons we use Shea in our Body Butter and Eye Cream (Being a buzzword isn’t one of them.)

Reasons we use shea

So, I’ve been noticing that Shea butter is having a moment right now. There are new products popping up all over creation for everything from skin cream to cosmetics to hair products. Now, as y’all know, the best body butters and Eye Creams are made with Shea, which is why we use it as our main ingredient in these products, but even before I started making products to sell, I used it in all sorts of home remedies. It’s amazing for eczema and various skin ailments, as well as minor cuts and scrapes and burns too. You can even eat it if you want, (a fact that my 12 year old son can attest to, as he took that sentence as a direct challenge and scooped up a big glob of our orange clove body butter to try. He said it needed sugar). Anyway, it’s obvious that as consumers become more informed about their personal care products, ingredients like Shea are going to become more and more prevalent. But, just like with everything else, all Shea is not created equal, (or at least not when it’s mixed with a bunch of other stuff). Here are some fun facts to help you stay informed and make the right choice for your skin:

What IS Shea?

  • Shea butter comes from the Magnifolia tree, which grows in the sub-Sahara region of Africa. This tree produces a nut, which is where Shea butter comes from.
  • The butter is extracted by crushing and grinding the nuts, then boiling the ground paste so that the oil can be scooped off the surface, (that process is no joke, you guys), and when the oil solidifies, it becomes butter.
  • But my favorite thing about the Magnifolia tree is that it just grows, y’all. These trees spring up without being planted, and just use the earth and the rain and the sun to grow. They typically resist cultivation and artificial growth techniques do not work. This is a very literal example of what nature intended. This tree just does it’s thing with no human interference. As it should be.

So why does Shea work so well?

  • Shea contains several fatty acids and plant sterols, including oleic, palmitic, stearic and linolenic acids, making Shea butter very effective for a myriad of skin conditions.
  • It also contains vitamins A and E, which help protect the skin from free radicals and other environmental damage.
  • The cinnamic acid esters that it contains help prevent damage from UV rays, making Shea butter a great source for light sun protection.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties as well, which make it an ideal ingredient in healing lotions and balms.
  • Shea also stimulates the production of collagen, which protects your skin and keeps it looking young. It penetrates the skin easily and absorbs quickly, which makes it an ideal moisturizer.

I can tell you that Shea is the only thing that ever worked on the eczema that I have been plagued with since childhood. And I have tried everything, you guys. My mom used to make me coat my arms in tar, (yes, like the kind from your roof), and wrap them up in cheesecloth to try and still the itching and inflammation. So when I say I’ve tried everything…I mean every crazy-witch-doctor-y-wives-tale-thing known to man.

This stuff is a miracle and my favorite fun fact of all is that it is naturally organic, because it will not grow under artificial or manipulated conditions. Now, all companies that export Shea can’t afford to go through the very expensive process of being certified organic, but know that it just inherently is.

So, there you have it, Shea is awesome, it’s good for you, protects you from the sun, keeps you looking young, and best of all, it grows from a tree that says “Hey, screw you Monsanto, I don’t need your frankenseeds to grow, I just need earth and water and air”. Just like us, y’all.

Our yummy, yummy Orange Clove Whipped Body Butter is on sale right now for $12. You should get some!


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