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Nine Ways to Upcycle Our Natural Body Butter and Body Scrub Jars

A pile of reusable plastic 8 oz jars

Listen y’all…I try to practice what I preach. I mean to practice what I preach.I want to practice what I preach. Especially when it comes to environmental issues. I am a passionate recycler. If I can make it out of something that I already have instead of buying it new, I will do that, (you guys should see all of the headbands, bracelets, infinity scarves I have made from scraps of material)…oh, and T-shirt pillows! We may have too many of those laying around, actually. I shop almost exclusively at thrift stores, for everything I wear, (except underwear, ew), I don’t even like going to the mall or a department store, especially for something that I could easily find at Goodwill, (and which would be about a million times more unique), because it feels so wasteful to me.

Anyway, this is all a preface to telling you about how the other day when I was cleaning my workspace, I came across a box (a big box, y’all), that I had shoved under my desk that contained about a billion plastic jars and lids. And it was then that I realized that I had become part of the problem. I experiment a lot. I make stuff and then I like to let it sit for awhile to make sure that the jar doesn’t leak, to make sure the scent is right, that kind of thing. I also go through at least one jar of our All Natural Lavender Body Scrub per week, (Have you guys tried this? So relaxing! Get some!) and one jar of our All Natural Rose Vanilla Body Butter, and instead of being the good recycler that I strive to be, I was just throwing the empty jars in this box under my desk. WTF, right? Now, our jars ARE recyclable, but I got to thinking…are there other things that I could do with them? Are they useful in some way? Could they be decorative? So I challenged myself to come up with a few unique ways that we could reuse these jars. That’s right, I said we. I know y’all have empty jars sitting around too, so let’ make things useful, yeah? (and pretty, don’t forget pretty).

  1. Make yourself some colorful bath salts. I picked pink,(beet root powder) blue, (beet root powder and Spirulina powder mixed together) and yellow, (turmeric powder). Just mix it up with some Epsom salts and one tablespoon of the oil of your choice. Then stack or line them up in the shower. So pretty! (and also so useful. The bathtub is literally the only place in the house where I can be alone and that’s only because I lock the door).
  2. Tiny survival kit. My son had to make this for a camping trip with his school. He was able to fit first aid supplies, fire-starting supplies and a tiny, folded up shelter into one of our 8oz jars. Me? I’d rather just stay in a hotel that provides a phone for me to call 911 in an emergency.
  3. Button keeper! I collect buttons a little obsessively because I am a weirdo, (but you never know when you might need one). These jars are perfect for that. And they will hold A LOT of buttons.
  4. Tiny hot tub for Skipper. This was contributed by my seven year old. There is a very involved back story here that includes some kind of feud with a one-armed Justin Bieber and a fight over the Barbie corvette. I won’t bore you with the details.
  5. Make your own Shower Soothers and keep them in this jar. The screw on lid will keep them dry until you are ready to turn your shower into a spa. (Here’s how…also, this is the best website ever!
  6. Office supply keeper. I love office supplies, you guys. Seriously, I am that much of a nerd. Paperclips, rubber bands, post-it notes, you name it. You can add a magnetic strip to the bottom of the jar, fill it with thumb tacks or whatever and attach it to a magnetic bulletin board.
  7. Rad string of lights. Just drill or cut a little hole in the bottom of the jar and poke the fairy lights through. You could even decorate the jars first if you’re artistic, (I’m so not).
  8. Snack holder. Our jars are BPA free and perfect for holding toddler snacks. Just make sure you wash it out well so your kid doesn’t have to eat lavender flavored cheese.
  9. Tiny succulent garden. Drill a couple holes in the bottom and plant some of those tiny, colorful succulents. So cute!

So there you have it, nine ways you can reuse or up cycle our jars so they don’t end up on trash island.

P.S. If you soak our jars for an hour or so in warm, soapy water, the labels should come off with some light scrubbing. Happy crafting, y’all!

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