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New Site for 2014 and Collections Launch

perfectskincoll rosevanilla 300x300 - New Site for 2014 and Collections Launch

Happy 2014. We’re proud to launch a new version of our Sweet Georgia Sugar online presence. We hope that you find it more inviting, easier to navigate, and fun to explore.

Speaking of exploring, we’re also happy to note that there’s more to see on We are introducing the Perfect Skin Collections. These bundles combine Moisturizing Facial Oil, Honey Facial Cleanser and Facial Cleansing Oil at a savings of 20% over buying the items individually.

“These items were meant to be used together,” says Sweet Georgia Sugar founder, Sarah Jacobson. “Using these three products as a regiment on a daily basis will give you fresh, balanced and glowing skin.”

Perfect Skin Collections come in:

  • Calming Collection
  • Clear Skin Collection
  • Youthful Glow Collection
  • Clean Collection

The Perfect Skin Collections are available today in the Sweet Georgia Sugar store here:

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