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Listen, You Need Eye Cream, (Yes, YOU)!

You guys? I’ve started noticing something that disturbs me…I have wrinkles, y’all, like real, live, wrinkly wrinkles…when did this happen? I mean, I know I’m not 20 anymore, but I’m not THAT old, right? First, it was just here and there that I would notice. I’d see a picture and think “Ew”, but would ultimately decide that the photo had just captured me in a “bad light”, as my Mama would say. But then I started noticing more and more “bad light” photos. And the bad light also extended to my mirror, apparently. So, I needed to do something about this, yes? And as you know, I am firmly against the chemical-laden, hormone disrupting, synthetic ingredient containing products that are not only offered, but also practically insisted upon for women in my…ahem…age group. So I did a bunch of research and came up with my own blend of stuff that is so good for your skin, especially that delicate area around your eyes, and that has made an enormous difference in the number of lines I see in the mirror. My eye cream contains only natural, real ingredients, and here is why they work:

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a miracle, you guys, really. Now, I wouldn’t recommend using it all over your face, because it is extremely rich and could cause breakouts if you have oily skin. But that is precisely what makes it so perfect for the area around your eyes. It stimulates the production of collagen, which is essential for youthful skin. It also contains some natural sunscreen and can protect the skin from UV rays. Shea butter is the base upon which all of my eye creams are built.

Coconut Oil

Y’all have heard me tout the benefits of coconut oil before, (a billion times, I know), but it’s worth saying again. Like Shea butter, coconut oil protects your skin against UV exposure…are you seeing a theme here? The sun is poison, y’all! Coconut oil is anti-oxidant and and antimicrobial, which offers further protection against aging. It also contains vitamin E, which helps with cell regeneration.

Avocado Oil

Again, avocado oil contains natural sunscreen, (Get it? YOU NEED SUNSCREEN!!!), and is also rich in vitamin A, which helps your skin purge dead skin cells. This is especially important around the eye area, where you really can’t exfoliate the same way you do the rest of your face. It is also high in sterolins, which are thought to help heal sun damage and scars. I can tell you that I have a burn scar on my face that is fading since I started using my eye cream on that spot.

The above ingredients are the base for all of my eye creams, and then I throw in some other goodies to further address your specific skin care concerns.  Get yours here: Get some eye cream so that we can eliminate all of those “bad light” photos, (and mirrors).

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