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6 Awesome Links To Help End Your Summer On A High Note – August 19, 2016

Sweet Georgia Sugar Natural and Organic Lifestyle Link Round-Up

OMG y’all…I seriously thought this summer would never be over. But finally, there’s an end in sight, The kids are heading back to school, (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, but I KNOW you Mamas out there feel me), it’s gonna be 72 degrees and RAINING this weekend in Denver, (my favorite weather), and allergy season is coming to a close…or at least transitioning from the burning hell of summer allergies to the purgatory of fall allergies. But there’s still so much going on, this will help you organize. You’re welcome.

Back-To-School Cheat Sheet: Where To Get The Best Deals On School Supplies
I get a pit in my stomach every year when it’s time for school supply shopping. It’s so expensive! And I always have aspirations of cutting out coupons and going to 10 different stores to get the best deal and then I wait until the week before school starts and in a panic, buy everything at one place and spend a billion dollars. This handy, printable chart will help you avoid my mistakes.

Healthy School Lunch Ideas & Packing Tips
Ugh, school lunches, am I right? I spend the first two weeks of the school year cutting sandwiches into cute shapes and making animals out of lettuce. By week three, they’re lucky if they get a bag of goldfish and some fruit snacks. By week four, they’re eating school lunch because I simply cannot. But Wellness Mama is a rad, organized queen and she’s come up with some amazing tips to make the whole process less painful. Check it.

Back to school: Sleep tips for a successful school year
I’ve basically used the summer to be the most lazy parent in the world. I let my kids make the messes and trash their rooms and stay up late and sleep in until noon. I can’t even tell you the last time either of them bathed or combed their hair. And it’s been fun. Until this week when I tried to implement back-to-school bedtimes and morning routines. Which was met with a chorus of “JUST FIVE MORE MINUTES” and “YOU NEVER LET ME SLEEP! WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN?”. So, what I’m saying is, don’t be like me.

Fall Skin Care Tips
I know you think you’ve got your skin care routine on lock, but guess what? We gotta make a few tweaks as the seasons change.

We recreated runway fashion with thrift store clothes
Y’all, I love clothes. I love fashion. I love pouring over the fall editions and looking at the boots and scarves and coats and trends. So what’s a girl to do when she’s running a small business and trying not to be broke af? Thrift stores, of course! Here’s how to translate those magazine looks into something you can afford. I plan on trying all of these, (Except for the turtleneck one, you guys. Turtlenecks make it look like I was actually born without a neck. Also the reason I will never get a neck tattoo, and the pantsuits, because…pants).

Here are 33 self-care tips to try before summer is over
And you guys? While you’re running all over creation trying to do for everyone else, don’t forget to do something for yourself too. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Happy fall, y’all! XO

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