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How our natural skin care products will help you beat the heat!

By August 13, 2015Tips
Sweet Georgia Sugar All Natural Body Scrub Jar

I’m Dying of Heatstroke, Y’all

So, it’s been a long, hot summer so far, am I right? My hatred of the summer months has been well-documented, so I know that you all can probably feel my suffering from wherever you are. And when I get too hot…well, I also get a little bit cranky, (and by cranky, I mean the B-word with a big ol’ capital B, you guys). And it is hot here in Denver. My grass is dying, my vegetable garden is a sad, brown mess, (though, that could be because I’m too lazy to water it), and I don’t have air conditioning. THE HORROR. I mean, it was 94 degrees yesterday and when I took a stroll by my thermostat, I noticed that it was 88 degrees inside the dang house. How can I be expected to conduct business and make stuff and tweet stuff and do stuff when it is that hot? I felt like Scarlett O’Hara at that picnic, you know when she fainted because of the heat? And I’m not even wearing a corset and stockings and a 40 lb dress and a big hat. It’s just too much.

So this morning, I had planned to get up at the crack of dawn to shower before the inside of my house became an oven, but when my alarm went off at 6am, I may have hit snooze a few times. Maybe for two hours or something like that. Maybe. Anyway, by the time I got up, it was 83 degrees in my house already and I thought that all was lost.

So I jumped in the shower and was lamenting the fact that the shower was going to be cancelled out by the fact that I would start sweating the moment I turned the water off and that my makeup would slide right off my face before I could finish putting it on and that blow drying my hair was absolutely out of the question…but then…then I spied my Rosemary-Mint All Natural Body Scrub sitting on the side of the tub…”Oh Heyyyyy”, I thought, “That has peppermint oil in it which feels cold when it touches your skin,”… hmmmm… so I turned up the hot water just a tad, to make sure my pores got good and open, and then I slathered myself with body scrub, (and sloughed off approximately a whole summer’s worth of dead skin in the process). I scrubbed my feet and legs and arms and underarms and body and neck and everything but my face. When I was done, my skin was as smooth as a newborn baby AND I could feel the peppermint oil working it’s magic. I felt cool, maybe even, dare I say it? Cold. I got out and got dressed and put on makeup and BLOW DRIED MY HAIR, all with nary a drop of sweat popping out anywhere on my body. And I felt human for the first time in days. Now, I don’t want to over-exfoliate, which can irritate the skin, so I have started using my Rosemary-Mint Facial Cleansing Oil, not only to wash my face, but also to apply just before I get out of the shower. It has the same effect as the scrub and leaves my skin feeling dewy and fresh. And also keeps me from committing murder before I get my mascara on – see, the many benefits of all natural skin care products are endless. So, try it, y’all. And here’s wishing for pumpkin-spice latte season to be upon us.


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