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How I cut down on clutter in my bathroom with alternate product uses.

Smart Ways Reduce Product Clutter In Your Bathroom

Y’all. The other day, I opened up the cabinet under my sink and A BILLION things fell out. A. Billion. OMG, why do I have so many products? Do I need so many products? I’m pretty sure I don’t. So I started trying to figure out how to pare down, consume less, multi-task, etc. And I started with skin care and hair care, because I’m a girly-girl and I want to try ALL THE THINGS, and consequently, I HAVE all the things, (I know y’all know)…anyhow, turns out I can use our natural body butter for all sorts of things. 

  • Cold Cream, (as my mama used to say)
    • Now, my mom would open up her giant jar of Ponds to take her makeup off, but since I do NOT dig on the idea of spackling petroleum-laden chemicals on my face, I thought I’d try our Unscented body butter instead. It worked like a dream to remove every trace of makeup, while moisturizing my skin in the process, (if you’ve got oily skin, you can follow that up with our charcoal soap:)
  • Bath Oil
    • What? I know that sounds weird, but the other night, I took a bath and was out of my regular bubbles and I spied a jar of lavender body butter sitting on the sink. Hmmmm… I mean, Shea butter DOES melt right? So I scooped a small amount right into the tub and it liquified instantly and made my bath smell divine, moisturized my skin so much, I didn’t need lotion after, AND as an added bonus, it made it super easy to wipe out my tub on cleaning day!
  • Deep Conditioner
    • I dye the crap out of my hair, you guys. It’s basically like sandpaper most of the time, so the other night, I washed my hair, and conditioned with just a tiny bit of our rose vanilla body butter. I scooped it out, rubbed through the ends of my hair and wrapped up my hair for about 15 minutes. Rose oil is incredibly moisturizing, along with the Shea, of course, and my tresses were silky and smooth and beautiful after this treatment. I’ve added it to my weekly rotation for sure. (And the jasmine oil made my hair smell divine! I get compliments on that all the time, people think it’s perfume!).
  • Shaving Cream
    • I basically shave my legs about once a week, you guys, (yes, I am lazy af), and because I don’t do it very often, I always seem to get those little bumps after. But then I started using body butter to shave and not a bump in site! It moisturizes, and protects and makes my legs feel, (and look) perfectly smooth and soft.

So there you have it…I basically replaced like four things (five, if you count the bathtub cleaner:), with just one thing. And now I can open the bathroom cabinet without 100 things falling out, and I am also saving money in the process. You’re welcome. XO

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