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Chemical Peel (Or why my skin just freaked the F out)

So listen, guys…two things, first, I have been away from the blog for way too long due to the worst case of the flu in the history of the flu, (three weeks, ya’ll), and second, while I was laid up in bed for three weeks, I got REALLY lazy with my skin care routine. Now, in my defense, I could barely brush my teeth, (ok, who am I kidding, I DIDN’T brush my teeth, or wash my hair, or change out of my pjs…don’t judge). Anyway, in a vain attempt to try and maintain some semblance of normalcy while I was sick, I realized that I did, indeed still need to wash my face every day, even if I didn’t wear a speck of makeup for that whole time, (sorry to my extremely tolerant and saintly husband). I simply couldn’t face my regular oil cleansing method, because you guys, I know this is a process, it takes time and effort and energy that I simply did not posses. So, I dug through my linen closet, (otherwise known as the Land of Unused Beauty Products), so see if I had any of those cleansing wipe-y things that I used to use before I converted to the Gospel of No Chemicals lifestyle. And, success! I found some! I used them, and…well, bad things happened friends.

After weeks of reclining on either the couch or in the bed, I finally felt ready to face the world. I got up, I took a shower, I WASHED MY HAIR, I felt glorious! And then I looked in the mirror. And I may have screamed, just a little. My skin looked awful, ya’ll. I had weird discoloration on one cheek, flakey dry patches, zits everywhere, (the giant, terrible, painful ones, I know you guys feel me on this), It was as if every bad skin experience from my adolescence had converged on my almost 42 year old face. WTF? And then, out of the corner of my eye, I spied the face wipes. And I read the ingredients. And it all made sense. Let’s revisit, shall we?

Here are just a few of the choice ingredients:

Butylene Glycol

Found in antifreeze and also strong enough to remove barnacles from boats. People who work with or produce these chemicals are required by the FDA to wear protective clothing and to dispose of them as toxic waste. Hmmm…why do I need this for my skin?


This is a silicone-based smoothing agent. It assists in a smooth application of product while filling in fine lines and giving skin a smooth appearance. Sounds great, yeah? Except that it’s also creating a rubber-like barrier over your skin. Yes, it holds in moisture, but it also holds in dirt, oil, grime, environmental pollutants, you get the idea. In short, it can cause bad breakouts and acne, (remember when I said I had giant, terrible, painful zits? Yeah.).


This is a preservative used in lots of cosmetics and skin care products. How does it preserve stuff, you ask? By releasing formaldehyde. Which is a known carcinogen. And also a known skin irritant, which can cause burning, itching and scaling of the skin, (my dry, flakey patches? Hmmm.)

Potassium Hydroxide

This is a ph balancer and buffering agent. Basically, this ingredient is what gives face wipes the ability to clean without using any water. It is also extremely corrosive.It can degrade your natural skin barrier. It can also cause severe skin irritation.

Ya’ll, this isn’t all of the ingredients. These aren’t even the worst ingredients. I could keep going, but as you’ve heard, I’ve had the flu and I need to pace myself.

The long and short of it is that after years of only using products on my face that were free of synthetics, chemicals, unpronounceables, etc., in a weak moment I got lazy, (as we do), and basically coated my skin with a cocktail of harmful ingredients. And I’m paying the price. My skin looks awful and feels awful and it’s going to take weeks for me to get it back in Sweet Georgia Sugar shape. The moral of the story? Read the labels. Pay attention. Our bodies are truly not meant to absorb all of these awful chemicals. Even when we feel lazy. Even when we have the flu. The price you pay for negligence could be the skin you had when you were 14. And no one wants that. Trust me, ya’ll.

tumblr inline n0jrarUdo61s7qc8d - Chemical Peel (Or why my skin just freaked the F out)

For additional information on these toxic ingredients, take a look at the following PDF:

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