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How I cut down on clutter in my bathroom with alternate product uses.

Smart Ways Reduce Product Clutter In Your Bathroom

Y’all. The other day, I opened up the cabinet under my sink and A BILLION things fell out. A. Billion. OMG, why do I have so many products? Do I need so many products? I’m pretty sure I don’t. So I started trying to figure out how to pare down, consume less, multi-task, etc. And I started with skin care and hair care, because I’m a girly-girl and I want to try ALL THE THINGS, and consequently, I HAVE all the things, (I know y’all know)…anyhow, turns out I can use our natural body butter for all sorts of things.  Continue reading How I cut down on clutter in my bathroom with alternate product uses.

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Why I Put Plants on My Skin and So Should You


You guys know that I am Little Miss No Chemicals, right? We’ve talked before about how everything is poison and you gotta read your labels and there are lots of ways for companies to hide harmful substances in their products by using giant words that we can’t pronounce, and blah, blah, blah. I know y’all get tired of hearing the same stuff over and over and over again, because y’all know. I get it. So instead of rehashing stuff that we all already know, let’s talk about why natural products are better. Not just because they’re natural, but because plants are healing, you guys. Humans have been using plants to heal everything from open wounds to headaches to acne and everything in between for years. And that’s because they work. Today, I’m focusing on plants that are specific to what we use in our products, where they come from and why they work. They all have so many benefits, but I’m going to highlight my favorites here: Continue reading Why I Put Plants on My Skin and So Should You

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Expert tips for caring for your skin in your 40s

Expert tips for caring for your skin in your 40s

So you guys know I’m in my 40s, right? I won’t share how far along into my fourth decade I am, but let’s just say far enough to know that the days of falling asleep with my makeup on and still waking up with perfect skin in the morning are VERY far behind me. Now, I’m hoping that y’all read my last post about how to care for your skin in your 30s, and I even heard from some of you about how you’d like some tips on caring for “older” skin. Suffice it to say, 40 is NOT the new 20 when it comes to taking care of your beautiful faces.

Forty is the age I was when I started noticing that the texture of my skin was changing, seemingly right before my eyes. Some parts of my face seemed thicker or something, with larger pores, while other parts seemed to get that crepe-like appearance and the skin was very thin. And as if that weren’t bad enough, I started noticing the dreaded age spots. I find those suckers everywhere, both on my face and on my hands and they totally make me think of my grandma, who I loved dearly but don’t want to emulate when it comes to age-spotted hands. And the worst of the bunch, you guys? Adult acne, (Thanks for nothing, hormones! Am I right, ladies?). I thought I’d left that behind in high school, but I guess Mother Nature had some other plans. So what’s an (almost) middle-aged girl to do? Here are some things that can help.


This is just what happens when we age, you guys. The outer layer of your skin starts to dry and thicken, while the middle layer, (which is where the firmness and strength come from), starts to thin and weaken. This process can’t be stopped, (believe me, I’ve tried), but there are things we can do to try and lessen the appearance of uneven texture and fine lines and even deep wrinkles. The biggest thing, y’all, is moisture. And I mean from the inside out. Drink your 8 (or more) glasses of water every single day. Yes, I know it makes you have to pee every five minutes, and I also know you’d rather have a diet coke or a gallon of coffee, trust me, I know. But I have never done anything better to fight the signs of aging on my face than drink a ton of water every single day.

So that’s the inside, now what about the outside? Your face needs to be hydrated. I think there’s a myth out there in the world, that we HAVE to use harsh “wrinkle-fighters”, filled with chemicals to keep us looking like 20-year-olds. I just don’t think that’s true. Choose a product that is as natural as possible, that sinks into your skin easily, and that contains butters and/or oils that are naturally emollient. Stay away from petroleum or alcohol based products. And I shouldn’t have to say it again, but just in case you missed it before, USE SUNSCREEN EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, even if you are just walking out to the mailbox. Every day.

Age Spots

Y’all, remember when we were 16 and thought that the best part of summer was spraying some Sun-In on our hair and laying out in the sun all day, snacking on Doritos and gossiping? God, those were days! Except now we all have sun damage and that is one of the main causes of age spots as we get older. Our skin is less resilient, and that damage really starts to show up once we hit the big 4-0. So what can be done? Retinol products are certainly an option and something that is recommended left and right. But, as you guys know, I like using more natural products. So, for me, Vitamin C Serum has been an absolute miracle. Vitamin C can help increase collagen production, brighten the skin and it helps the skin to repair itself. I love it and will make it part of my everyday skin care routine forever! My favorite is Eminence Citrus and Kale Potent C&E Serum. This is a really fresh, natural product that has done wonders for my aging skin. In addition to helping to fade my age spots, I had a small burn scar on my face that is now completely gone!

Adult Acne

In the last year or so, my poor face has started breaking out in my chin area. And when I say “breaking out”, what I really mean is “blowing up with giant, terrible zits that make me feel like I’m 13 again”. It’s the worst. It’s because I’m old, you guys. And because menopause is looming, and when that happens we have incredible hormone fluctuations that can really wreck havoc on our skin. Just like when we were teenagers. But, unlike my thirteen-year-old self, I am not inclined to slather my face with Clearasil and then spackle over that with makeup. Instead, I’ve adopted the Oil Cleansing Method, (OCM), and that has really made a huge difference for me. I know that you’re probably thinking I’m crazy. Why would I rub oil all over my zits? Won’t that make it worse? Actually, the opposite is true. When you have a breakout and then try to treat the breakout with something meant to dry the oil up, your skin freaks out and produces a billion times more oil trying to compensate, and then you have more explosive breakouts. If you’d like a more in-depth explanation, you can find it here. But if your chin is leading a revolt against your whole face like mine is, I think you should give it a try.

We can’t stop aging, and why would we want to, really? I mean, I’m a whole lot smarter than I was at 20, and I wouldn’t go back if you paid me. But we can do lots of little things to help minimize the impact aging has on our skin so that we can feel as lovely on the outside as we do on the inside.

Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.
-Bridget Bardot

Here’s to being enchanting, y’all!

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How should you care for your skin in your 30s?

How to care for your skin in your 30s

Y’all know that I am…ahem…well past the age of 30, right? But you know what? My skin still looks pretty good. I attribute that to the fact that the year I turned 27, I got three pieces of great advice. First, my mama informed me those little lines around my eyes were, in part, due to sun damage and that I needed to wear sunscreen on all exposed skin all the time, every day, forever and ever, amen. Or else I was going to turn into a withered old crone right before her eyes. Second, my dear friend and esthetician, FiFi started me on a skincare regime that included weekly exfoliation. She used to say it was like watering your plants, you do it once a week whether you think they need it or not. And last, a gorgeous coworker named Dottie, suggested that I try “a touch of eye cream”. Dottie was a beautifully put together woman in her 60s, who could have passed for 45, who always looked perfect and smelled delicious. If she suggested it, I was absolutely gonna do it.

So, I used those last few years of my 20s to get ready for my 30s. I’m a beauty advice junkie, so I read all the columns, I try all the stuff, but those three pieces of advice have stuck. And they’ve proven over and over again to be spot on. But why do they work? And why is it so imperative that you add these things to your routine in your 30s? Let’s discuss. Continue reading How should you care for your skin in your 30s?

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What is Facial Cleansing Oil and why do you need to start using it immediately?!

What is facial cleansing oil and why do you need to start using it immediately?

What is facial cleansing oil?

So, have y’all heard of facial cleansing oil? You have, right? If you haven’t, where in the world have you been? Well, it’s having a moment right now, a big moment. I’ve been using the oil cleansing method for about three years now, and I can tell you that my skin has really never looked better. Now, I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking that you are trying to get rid of oil on your face, not make it greasy and oily and yucky, right? You also may be thinking that I am a crazy hippie lady and I don’t know wtf I’m talking about, but listen you guys, I do know about this, trust me. My skin issues have been well documented all along this journey that I’m on right now and I have tried everything, so let’s chat about it. I’m sure I can get y’all to come around to my way of thinking (a Southern girl specialty!) Continue reading What is Facial Cleansing Oil and why do you need to start using it immediately?!

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What Cancer Treatment Does To Skin & What Can Be Done About It

What Cancer Treatment Does To Skin & What you can do about it

So those of you who follow my blog regularly know that Breast Cancer Awareness Month holds a special place in my heart due to the fact that we lost our dear, sweet Mama 10 years ago after a long breast cancer battle. And just in the past few months, I’ve had several close friends who have dealt with either the passing of a parent or the diagnosis of someone close to them. It’s so scary, you guys. And so devastating in a million different ways. The patient not only has to deal with the shock of being diagnosed, and the fear of what comes next, but also with a myriad of other issues. Cancer truly affects every single aspect of your life. From the financial worries about how to pay for treatment and how to cover expenses if you have to be out of work for an extended period of time, to the practical concerns about keeping up with laundry and meals and housework, to the frightening and difficult conversations that must be had with children and loved ones. And then there is a physical toll as well, whether it is due to cancer itself, or the treatments…everything changes. Continue reading What Cancer Treatment Does To Skin & What Can Be Done About It

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Nine Ways to Upcycle Our Natural Body Butter and Body Scrub Jars

A pile of reusable plastic 8 oz jars

Listen y’all…I try to practice what I preach. I mean to practice what I preach.I want to practice what I preach. Especially when it comes to environmental issues. I am a passionate recycler. If I can make it out of something that I already have instead of buying it new, I will do that, (you guys should see all of the headbands, bracelets, infinity scarves I have made from scraps of material)…oh, and T-shirt pillows! We may have too many of those laying around, actually. I shop almost exclusively at thrift stores, for everything I wear, (except underwear, ew), I don’t even like going to the mall or a department store, especially for something that I could easily find at Goodwill, (and which would be about a million times more unique), because it feels so wasteful to me.

Anyway, this is all a preface to telling you about how the other day when I was cleaning my workspace, I came across a box (a big box, y’all), that I had shoved under my desk that contained about a billion plastic jars and lids. And it was then that I realized that I had become part of the problem. I experiment a lot. I make stuff and then I like to let it sit for awhile to make sure that the jar doesn’t leak, to make sure the scent is right, that kind of thing. I also go through at least one jar of our All Natural Lavender Body Scrub per week, (Have you guys tried this? So relaxing! Get some!) and one jar of our All Natural Rose Vanilla Body Butter, and instead of being the good recycler that I strive to be, I was just throwing the empty jars in this box under my desk. WTF, right? Now, our jars ARE recyclable, but I got to thinking…are there other things that I could do with them? Are they useful in some way? Could they be decorative? So I challenged myself to come up with a few unique ways that we could reuse these jars. That’s right, I said we. I know y’all have empty jars sitting around too, so let’ make things useful, yeah? (and pretty, don’t forget pretty). Continue reading Nine Ways to Upcycle Our Natural Body Butter and Body Scrub Jars

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How our natural skin care products will help you beat the heat!

Sweet Georgia Sugar All Natural Body Scrub Jar

I’m Dying of Heatstroke, Y’all

So, it’s been a long, hot summer so far, am I right? My hatred of the summer months has been well-documented, so I know that you all can probably feel my suffering from wherever you are. And when I get too hot…well, I also get a little bit cranky, (and by cranky, I mean the B-word with a big ol’ capital B, you guys). And it is hot here in Denver. My grass is dying, my vegetable garden is a sad, brown mess, (though, that could be because I’m too lazy to water it), and I don’t have air conditioning. THE HORROR. I mean, it was 94 degrees yesterday and when I took a stroll by my thermostat, I noticed that it was 88 degrees inside the dang house. How can I be expected to conduct business and make stuff and tweet stuff and do stuff when it is that hot? I felt like Scarlett O’Hara at that picnic, you know when she fainted because of the heat? And I’m not even wearing a corset and stockings and a 40 lb dress and a big hat. It’s just too much.

So this morning, I had planned to get up at the crack of dawn to shower before the inside of my house became an oven, but when my alarm went off at 6am, I may have hit snooze a few times. Maybe for two hours or something like that. Maybe. Anyway, by the time I got up, it was 83 degrees in my house already and I thought that all was lost. Continue reading How our natural skin care products will help you beat the heat!