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Nine Ways to Upcycle Our Natural Body Butter and Body Scrub Jars

A pile of reusable plastic 8 oz jars

Listen y’all…I try to practice what I preach. I mean to practice what I preach.I want to practice what I preach. Especially when it comes to environmental issues. I am a passionate recycler. If I can make it out of something that I already have instead of buying it new, I will do that, (you guys should see all of the headbands, bracelets, infinity scarves I have made from scraps of material)…oh, and T-shirt pillows! We may have too many of those laying around, actually. I shop almost exclusively at thrift stores, for everything I wear, (except underwear, ew), I don’t even like going to the mall or a department store, especially for something that I could easily find at Goodwill, (and which would be about a million times more unique), because it feels so wasteful to me.

Anyway, this is all a preface to telling you about how the other day when I was cleaning my workspace, I came across a box (a big box, y’all), that I had shoved under my desk that contained about a billion plastic jars and lids. And it was then that I realized that I had become part of the problem. I experiment a lot. I make stuff and then I like to let it sit for awhile to make sure that the jar doesn’t leak, to make sure the scent is right, that kind of thing. I also go through at least one jar of our All Natural Lavender Body Scrub per week, (Have you guys tried this? So relaxing! Get some!) and one jar of our All Natural Rose Vanilla Body Butter, and instead of being the good recycler that I strive to be, I was just throwing the empty jars in this box under my desk. WTF, right? Now, our jars ARE recyclable, but I got to thinking…are there other things that I could do with them? Are they useful in some way? Could they be decorative? So I challenged myself to come up with a few unique ways that we could reuse these jars. That’s right, I said we. I know y’all have empty jars sitting around too, so let’ make things useful, yeah? (and pretty, don’t forget pretty). Continue reading Nine Ways to Upcycle Our Natural Body Butter and Body Scrub Jars

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The mystery of my suddenly growing eyelashes.

A picture of my newly grown eyelashes

So listen, y’all, something CRAZY just happened to me and I have to share. I will preface this by saying that I am one of those girls who was NOT blessed with long, luxurious, thick eyelashes. In fact, I have been known to apply THREE different kinds of mascara on a daily basis, (thickening, lengthening, conditioning), just to make it look like I even have eyelashes. So, imagine my surprise when, during my morning makeup routine, I suddenly noticed that I HAVE EYELASHES. Long eyelashes, you guys, gigantic, even, (my daughter says they look like “spider legs”, please see the drawing above for her interpretation). They only required one coat of one kind of mascara. WTF, right?

IMG 2551 226x300 - The mystery of my suddenly growing eyelashes.

So my mind immediately starts running through the possibilities: is my water radioactive or something? Am I going to start growing hair in all sorts of weird places (please, God, no), have my actual prayers from 10th grade been answered, (not soon enough for prom, but still), did I eat something weird? WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME? I went through a list in my head of anything new that I may have added or subtracted from my beauty routine and guess what? I wear approximately 97 layers of mascara and sometimes my regular oil cleansing method doesn’t take it all off. Several weeks ago, I noticed that my already short eyelashes seemed to be breaking off or something, so I started using my eye cream to remove my eye makeup. I thought the combination of shea butter and coconut oil would work together to break down the makeup and then I would be able to gently wipe it off, (and get some bonus moisturizing at the same time). It totally worked! The coconut oil basically liquefied the mascara and made it very easy to remove, and it didn’t irritate my allergy-prone eyes at all. Hey…wait…WAS IT THE COCONUT OIL??? At first, I was skeptical. I mean I LOVE coconut oil. I have touted its benefits here many times, but was it making my eyelashes grow? So, I took to the interwebs to find out and here is what I learned: Continue reading The mystery of my suddenly growing eyelashes.

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Allergy Hell, (Otherwise Known as Spring)

So it’s that time of year, y’all, when the snow stops, (I say this knowing that we are supposed to have a snowstorm tonight here in Colorado), our sleepy little flowers start to bloom, the sun is out a little more and everyone is in a better mood because it’s SPRING. I love Spring. I love flowers and trees and birds and nature. But you know what I don’t love? Allergies. Stupid, awful, drippy, sneezy, seemingly never ending allergies. Since moving to Colorado, I have been plagued with the worst allergies EVER. I am allergic to everything, ragweed, pollen, trees, molds, grasses, air…you name it and it’s gonna make me sneeze. And according to EVERYONE, this is going to be the “worst allergy season on record”, (thanks global warming!), which strikes fear into my heart. You guys, I literally feel like I have the flu all the time, from March to November. My body aches, my eyes run, I sneeze all the time, I can’t smell anything, it’s so awful, and now they are saying it’s going to be worse? How can that be?

Now, my allergies are severe, and I will admit to taking an over the counter allergy medication, which at least helps make life liveable this time of year. But, as y’all know, I hate putting chemicals in or on my body, so I’ve done a ton of research on some natural remedies, and I thought I’d share a few that have worked for me. Continue reading Allergy Hell, (Otherwise Known as Spring)

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Baby Your Baby

tumblr inline n30l9ty4dg1s7qc8d - Baby Your Baby

So it’s Spring, y’all, (I mean theoretically. I live in Colorado, so we could have the Blizzard of the Century at any moment from now through May), and I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends and customers are expecting little bundles of joy, (guess everyone was busy last fall, yeah?). Babies are so cute, and so soft, and they have such delicate skin. When you have a baby, you want to buy every baby product that you see. I know I did when I had my babies. You WANT to buy the sweet-smelling lotion and moisturizing baby wipes and the lavender scented baby powder. But you guys? I’m here to ruin it for you. Sorry (not sorry). All of those commercial baby products have the same awful, carcinogenic, poisonous, potentially harmful ingredients that I’ve been harping about in our grown up products. Let’s talk about just a few of these: Continue reading Baby Your Baby

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How to make homemade carpet deodorizer & pet hair remover that smells like candy

Carpet Pez

Ya’ll, I love stuff that smells good, don’t you? And I love the memories that we associate with certain smells, Mom’s apple pie, fresh cut grass, and the river in the summertime…all of these things combine in a really special way to make up our memories and to make us feel a certain way when we get a whiff. The thing I hate though, is the fact that almost all smells that we smell these days are manufactured from synthetics…it’s not really apple pie, it just smells like apple pie…I’ve become kind of…um…stern…about not allowing any of that stuff in my house, not just because I don’t like it when things smell fake, but because the synthetic ingredients used to make all that stuff are really, really bad for you.


My son is 11…almost a teenager, (WTF?)…and is starting to pick up those teen boy habits of leaving his socks all over the floor and his laundry balled up in a corner with his wet towel on top. He also shares his bedroom with two of the stinkiest dogs ever born. You guys, his bedroom smelled terrible…no matter what I tried, incense, homemade room and sheet spray, etc., nothing worked! And on top of that, there was about an inch of stinky dog hair all over his rug…eww! I was fighting a losing battle, until I read an article about how baking soda can help release pet hair from carpet fibers…what? Could it be that easy?

tumblr inline mtmyfr4OL71s7qc8d - How to make homemade carpet deodorizer & pet hair remover that smells like candy

Here’s what I did:

1 Cup of baking soda

25 drops of essential oil (I used lemon eucalyptus oil because it was the strongest thing I had on hand)

Mix together in (mason jars work well for this), poke holes in the top and then sprinkle on the carpet and leave it for a few minutes, then vacuum.

IT WORKED! The pet hair came right up, and his room smelled fresh and clean for the first time in forever. So, my boy comes up the stairs form the basement, (where he hibernates with his video games….OMG, I am not ready for the teen years), walks into his bedroom and says, “Mom! What is that smell? It’s awesome! It smells like Pez!” And so, Carpet Pez was born.

And when he said pez, I instantly thought of his little boy self, running around the yard in his Easter finery, looking for eggs and candy and making me thankful to be his Mommy. See how I did that? It’s all connected y’all…

EDIT: Our reader Natalie points out:

Careful, though, cat lovers: lemon oil and eucalyptus oil are both highly toxic to cats and when used in this manner can be absorbed through their skin or ingested when they lick their paws. Cats are unable to properly metabolize essential oils and over time the toxins build up and can damage the liver. Homemade/natural products are a great idea, just be sure to research which essential oils are potentially harmful to the pets in your home.

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How to make sexy (and accidentally unsexy) homemade massage oil.

Ahhh, Ginger…spicy, aromatic, delicious…exactly what I want in a…ahem…sexy massage oil, (ya’ll know what I mean, right?) So I asked myself…Could make my own sexy massage oil using fresh ginger and the oil base of my choosing? The short answer is “yes”. The longer answer is “yes, but only if I don’t forget what I am doing because I have so many other things to keep track of at the same time…” You guys feel me? I know you do.

What I did:

  • Peel and slice fresh ginger, (probably about a tablespoon full)
  • Place in the bottom of a clean, dry glass container
  • Cover with the carrier oil – I used a combination of olive oil and avocado oil due to the moisturizing properties and the mild scent
  • Optional: Add a few drops of essential oil for a little extra scent – I added 10 drops of orange oil and two drops of cinnamon because ohmygoddoesn’thtatsounddelightful? And on a side note…cinnamon heats up when it touches your skin…just sayin’…

Now here is where the breakdown happened, ya’ll….you are supposed to cover your mixture, place in a cool, dark place and shake it every couple of days (up to a week or so), until the oil is fully infused with the ginger. Then you strain the ginger out, pour your sexy oil into the container of your choosing and set up a date with your hubby/wifey/boyfriend/girlfriend/self to try it out.

Instead what I did was set it on my kitchen counter, in front of a window (that gets direct sunlight for at least three hours a day), and I left it there for four weeks, ( I think…it could have been five…). Without shaking it even one single time. In my defense, my children, (who I love more than life itself), suffer from this weird disorder, where they are physically incapable of putting any of their stuff where it goes. Instead, they like to set their school papers, stuffed animals, lunch boxes, water bottles, soccer balls, (and cleats!) and library books and homework on my counter…in front of the window…thereby blocking my view of my ginger oil. When I finally mustered up the energy to go through the pile, I saw my bottle of oil, and mentally started planning out date night with my hubby…until I took a whiff and realized that rancid ginger oil probably was not going to make for a romantic evening!

What you should do:

All of the above, except that last part…

Until next time,

Stay sweet, ya’ll!