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What’s the difference between body butter and lotion?

What's the difference between body butter and lotion?

Y’all, I get asked a lot of skincare-related questions. Like, a LOT. But the one I think I get the most is “What makes this body butter better than my regular lotion?”, so I thought I’d try and answer that here, among the inter-webs, so you can refer back anytime.

And before we get into the nuts and bolts of this query, I KNOW THAT YOU LOVE YOUR BATH AND BODY WORKS LOTION. I know, ok? I know you love the scent, I know you love how it feels when you apply it, I know you love that it is absorbed quickly, I know. But listen, you know what else I know? I know that your favorite lotion is also filled up with all kinds of ingredients that actually dry your skin out. Now we have talked at length about the fact that there are chemicals in these lotions that can be harmful in other ways too, but the big thing is that the very lotion that you love to slather on 100 times per day is actually drying you out, which means that you gotta apply more, which means that you gotta buy more too…see where I’m going with this?

But what is the actual difference between a butter and a lotion? And how do you really determine if you have one or the other? I mean, brands can call their products whatever they heck they want to. Anything can be called body butter, but that doesn’t mean it is. The way that I like to make this determination is by taking a look at the label. If water is the first ingredient, you’ve got lotion, not butter…. even if is says butter on the label.  Now, I’m not saying that water is bad. It’s certainly necessary for emulsification, and it is what gives lotions a lighter texture. However, it can also lead to more dryness with long term use. And every time you reapply, you are also reapplying all those nasty chemicals too.

Just to give you a little insight into what our process looks like…we literally mix our natural body butter with a mixer, (yes, like your kitchen aid!). It actually looks like butter, or even whipped cream. Our butters are designed to not only sink into skin, (as opposed to sitting on top and evaporating), but also to create a natural barrier that helps lock in moisture.

And listen, I’m not saying that lotion has no place in your beauty routine. I get that sometimes you just need something a little lighter. But just be smart about it. Watch your ingredients. Pay attention to how your skin feels after you apply it. Pay attention to how many times you have to reapply during the day. Did you have to apply it 5 times? Ten times? Because if you did, it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do. And applying any product that many times a day also adds up to (in my opinion), an unnecessary financial commitment.

So there it is. Happy moisturizing, y’all! XO

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