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The Best (Exclusive) Mother’s Day Gift Under $20

SGS MothersDay2016 FB 1 - The Best (Exclusive) Mother's Day Gift Under $20

Mother’s Day 2016 is on May 8.

For those of you less interested in a narrative and more interested in getting your wife or mother a gift for Mother’s Day, I’ll get straight to the point:

coco4 300x200 - The Best (Exclusive) Mother's Day Gift Under $20

[button color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”large” url=”” text=”Be the hero of Mother’s Day!
Order the Exclusive Coconut Body Scrub Today!” color_override=””]

If you’re reading this post prior to Mother’s Day 2016 you’ll note that these aren’t officially available on our site yet and are exclusive to this post, making the gift unique today and re-orderable when she runs out.

Tyler Jacobson here. I’m the co-owner of Sweet Georgia Sugar and the lucky man who’s married to the founder, Sarah Jacobson. I took over blog writing duties this time so that I could help out my fellow man (or woman) who experiences the same stress that I do every year around this time: What in the #*$! do I get my wife or my mother for Mother’s Day?! Well, you already know the answer if you saw the button above – but I want to tell you why, as I’ve field tested this exact product.

All Natural Coconut Body Scrub

Three things were smoother than my knuckles prior to February 2016: Dirt roads, coarse grit sandpaper, Steve Urkel.

It seems that the years of sitting in front of a computer breaking wild horses in the southwest took their toll and began to reflect on my aging hands. Not a good selling point if you co-own a skin care company. I tried to hide my shame. I tried to keep them regularly moisturized with our All Natural Body Butter (which is a steal at $18, as of this writing), but it didn’t fix the problem. After months of unsuccessfully attempting to turn my elephant skin into… baby elephant skin – I surrendered. I asked Sarah what she’d recommend. (I know, this is what I should’ve done to start with. To be fair, though, I am a little thick sometimes.)

Turns out I was using the wrong tool for the job, much like using a screwdriver where a hammer is needed (which I may or may not have done before.) Sarah handed me an unmarked 8 oz. jar filled with her new recipe for Coconut Body Scrub. She instructed me to grab a small scoop with my hands, rub it across my knuckles vigorously for about a minute and then rinse. I’ve done this only 2 more times in the last month and I’m here to tell you that my crusty, rough knuckles are now as soft and smooth as they’ve ever been.

Does your wife or mother have soft skin? Of course she does. Unlike me, she already knows the benefits of exfoliation – that’s why there’s an odd gray stone in her shower. While the old gray stone works wonders for exfoliating (removing dead skin, to the layman), it offers absolutely not moisturizing benefits. This is one of the ways that our Natural Body Scrub will make her shower routine better. Not only do the salts and sugars remove dead skin (and reduce the occurrence of conditions such as acne, blackheads, and eczema,) but the coconut and almond oils in the scrub help hydrate the newly exposed skin.

Another reason she’ll love receiving the Natural Coconut Body Scrub for Mother’s Day is the fact that’s it’s all natural. This matters because our skin acts like a sponge, absorbing all of the things we put on it. If she puts nasty chemicals on her skin, those eventually work their way into her body, sometimes inflaming the very skin conditions that she’s trying to reduce.

coco1 300x200 - The Best (Exclusive) Mother's Day Gift Under $20

Did I mention the scent? “Oh… that smells so good!” will be the first words out of her mouth the moments she unseals a jar of Sweet Georgia Sugar Body Scrub. These great smells are produced without any lab-born fragrances – what she’s smelling is actual coconut oil, produced directly from actual coconuts.  And if coconut isn’t her speed, we offer 5 additional scents of Natural Body Scrub , one of which is sure to satisfy her tastes.

I promise you, our All Natural Coconut Body Scrub is something that she would buy for herself – if she only knew that it existed. When she gets this on Mother’s Day, you will be the hero that turns her on to her next favorite thing. Maybe it will even start a Mother’s Day gift giving tradition in your house. 

’til next time,


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