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The Powerful Benefits of Using Turmeric on Your Skin

The Powerful Benefits of Using Turmeric on Your Skin

Have y’all hopped on the turmeric train yet? No? Well you need to get on it. Once you do, you’ll never get off, I promise. I first learned about using turmeric in skin care years ago when I first began to formulate some of our earliest products. I was actually researching natural colorants for our body scrubs. I was looking for something that would tint orange. Coincidentally, I was also trying to surprise my better half with some homemade Indian food. Well, it turns out that I am terrible at cooking Indian food, but I discovered (the hard way) during this process that turmeric turns everything a lovely shade of soft orange. Hmmmm.

I added some to my body scrub and tested it in the shower the next morning. I wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t stain my skin or my bathtub or my towels. It didn’t. But you know what it DID do? It made my skin glow, you guys. I spend a lot of time outside and also I’m old, so I have the odd age spot here and there on my arms and hands, and the skin tone on my body tends to be a little bit uneven. But when I used that scrub? It was like magic! Everything evened out and looked so smooth even that I spent that whole day looking at my arms.

So I wanted to figure out if I just made up my sexy new skin in my head, or was it the turmeric? I checked out a great book at the library called “Almond Eyes, Lotus Feet”, where I learned that as a part of the wedding ritual, Indian brides use a mixture of salt, oil and turmeric, as a daily body scrub to give them glowing skin for their special day, (coincidentally, that’s pretty much EXACTLY what is in our Orange Clove Body Scrub). After doing some more research, I found that turmeric is amazing in about a billion different ways.

Here are just a few of the things that turmeric is known for:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-fungal
  • Antiseptic
  • Antibacterial
  • Packed with antioxidants

Put all these things together and then put that on your skin? Well, that’s a recipe for a lovely, soft, glowing, even complexion, my friends. Of course, once I learned all of this, I wondered what else it could do. I mean you can eat it, too, obviously. So, I wondered if all of these benefits would work internally as well, (they do).

Check out Wellness Mama, (who you should be following anyway. I love her), to get some more great ideas on how to use this power-packed spice in your everyday life:

We’ve also been turned on to this article about preparing a turmeric face mask for better skin.

And get scrubbing, y’all! XO

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