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Sarah Jacobson0164 240x300 - About Sweet Georgia SugarHey y'all, thanks for stopping by! You're probably wondering why a Colorado company has a name like Sweet Georgia Sugar, yes? Well, here's how we started:

I'm a Georgia girl through and through, (Go DAWGS), but then I met a boy, fell in love and was whisked away to the wild, wild west of Colorado.

You may not know this, but Colorado is practically the desert. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter and dry like the sahara all the time. I've struggled with various skin conditions all my life, the worst being eczema, which has plagued me since childhood. I had tried every prescription medicine, topical treatment and crazy holistic remedy known to man, but nothing helped.

About two years ago, I went on a clean eating kick. I stopped eating anything that was processed, concentrating on consuming fresh, organic foods whenever I could. And I gotta tell y'all, I felt about a billion times better. I lost weight, my hair was shinier and grew faster, my acne cleared right up, it was amazing! But I still had the eczema. It was around that time that I made the connection...I read every ingredient list I could find when it came to what I was putting into my body, but I was still putting the same old stuff on my body. Hmmmm.

So I started doing research, and the stuff I found scared me to death. Essentially, every ingredient in all of my lotion, makeup, shampoo, styling products, bubble bath, perfume, (OMG, that was the WORST, you guys. I LOVE perfume), all of it was poison. Really. Filled with parabens and sodium laurel sulfate and all kinds of other terrible stuff that was conspiring to damage my skin. No wonder I was having trouble! So, I adopted the same process I was using in my kitchen. I started throwing out the bad stuff and trying to replace it with good stuff. But here's the bad news...the good stuff? It's expensive, y'all. And just because it says “all natural” doesn't make it so. And then I thought, “Hey, wait a minute...I'm spending all this time in the kitchen anyway....could I make this stuff myself?”...turns out, I can!

So I started experimenting, researching, pouring, whipping, testing and smelling with some raw ingredients. I tested them on myself, my co-workers, my family and friends and eventually narrowed it down to a product line that I am extremely proud of. Then my co-workers started asking to buy my stuff, and then other people wanted to buy it and before I knew it I was running an honest to goodness business! In December of 2013, I left my corporate job to focus on Sweet Georgia Sugar full time, and here we all are.


A note about our name:

My mama used to say that every Southern woman is born with the ability to smile sweetly to someone's face, while secretly wishing they would drop off a cliff. My friend Stella coined the phrase “Georgia Sugar”, to explain this phenomenon and deemed me the master at this particular art of deception. When it came time to name the company, it was obvious what we should call it!

Read more about Sweet Georgia Sugar's origin and our name on our Tumblr blog: So, ya’ll know I’m Southern right? (The Origin Story)


When it comes to what we have to offer, simplicity is key.

Our line consists of body care products (body butter and body scrub) and facial care items, (facial oils and eye cream). No product contains more than eight ingredients. They do not contain any ingredients to avoid, including artificial fragrance. We use top quality ingredients, sourced in the USA whenever possible, specially combined to address specific skin care concerns. What we are offering you are products that smell good and do what they are supposed to do, that say “all natural” and mean it, and that are affordable. I don't just want you to smell beautiful and feel beautiful, I want you to be beautiful, naturally.

Cruelty-Free. Vegan friendly. Easy to love.

Why Sweet Georgia Sugar?

Sweet Georgia Sugar sells all natural, small batch, handmade skincare products, including body butter, exfoliating body scrub, a variety of facial oils, specially blended to address your specific skincare needs, rich and moisturizing eye creams and an assortment of soaps for the face and body.

Why is it better?

Our brand is dedicated to providing our customers with affordable skincare that is crafted from only the finest natural ingredients. Our line is free of phthalates, paraffin, gluten, propylene glycol, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance and colors, sulfates, and we do not test on animals. None of our products contain more than eight ingredients, proving to you that less really is more when it comes to your skin.

What can you expect after you use our products?

Sweet Georgia Sugar offers skincare products that are nourishing, and promote moisturizing and healing for your skin. They are made from simple ingredients and are meant to replace the chemical laden products that can cause ongoing skin irritation. They are meant to soothe, protect, encourage cell regeneration, smooth fine lines and help support the healthy lifestyle that we are all striving for.

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