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7 Denver small businesses to buy from this holiday season

7 denver local businesses to buy from this holiday season

Ugh, you guys, is it Holiday time again ALREADY? Didn’t we JUST do this? I don’t want to seem like a scrooge who hates Christmas or anything, but…I might be a scrooge who hates Christmas. Just kidding, mostly. I mean, it isn’t the actual holiday that I hate, it’s all the stuff leading up to the holiday…like shopping and cleaning and trying to figure out what to get that one person in the family who either already has everything or who hates everything, (y’all know who I mean).

And y’all, I LOVE giving presents. I mean it, I love it. My mother was one of the great present-givers of her generation and I like to think that I inherited at least a little bit of that. She always knew exactly the right gift to give at exactly the right time. She would give me things that I didn’t even know I desperately needed until I received them, (for example: a collection of marble, ceramic and gemstone eggs…that’s right, I said eggs. I am prone to anxiety and holding those little spheres in my hand calms me down like magic, you should try it.)

Anyway, because of my hatred of shopping coupled with my need to give the perfect gift, I an obsessed with Gift Guides. I will read ALL of them to try and find the cleverest you-didn’t-know-you-needed-it-until-I-gave-it-to-you gift. And as we face yet another gift-giving season, I realized that since starting my own business, I have come to know so many cool small business owners who have amazing, sentimental, practical, silly, fun, beautiful things to offer. So I decided to put together the Sweet Georgia Sugar Local Gift Guide for you lovlies to peruse so that you can find that perfect gift for that one person who hates everything. And remember, when you shop from this list, you are helping to support a small business and someone’s dream…and that’s a gift in itself.

Sweet Georgia Sugar

Now listen, it’s Colorado, it’s winter and you probably have family coming to visit who will spend the whole time they are here complaining about how cold and dry it is here. Why not wrap them up some of our delicious Whipped Body Butter? It’ll sink right in to their scaly skin and make it smooth and pretty and best of all, they will stop complaining. You may also want to grab some of our Eye Cream, (the Rose Vanilla is a crowd fave), to drop in their stockings. (“No Mom, I’m not saying you NEED eye cream, oh for goodness sake, pass the bourbon”)
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Mandy Lemig Jewelry

Listen, almost the only jewelry I wear is made by Mandy. It is beautiful, of course, but also versatile and can literally be worn with anything from that fancy ball gown, (you are probably watching Netflix in that right now, right?), to yoga pants. Mandy describes her creations as “Organic for the everyday”, and that is a true statement. These beauties are handmade in Colorado and once you see what she has, you’re gonna want to buy one as a gift and a billion for yourself. Trust.

Mixed Up Gifts

Remember in 1989 when your uncle Walter would send a Hickory Farms gift basket to you for Christmas every year? Or your aunt Betty would send the “Spa Basket” that contained basically dish soap that was masquerading as bubble bath? No? Just me? Well, we’ve come a long way from the tired, wicker gift basket. My friend Cindy, came up with this amazing concept where one can get a gift “basket” that actually contains stuff that you might want. Everything is beautifully and carefully curated and it is clever and silly and heartfelt and also from local artisans whenever possible. Check it out. You’ll want to break a bone just so someone will send you one.

Baby Face Skincare

Amy, at Baby Face has changed my life and my skin, you guys. She does magic facials that will make you feel like you have brand new skin, and (and this is a big one for me), she can make it look like you HAVEN’T been plucking your eyebrows into oblivion since you were 13, (ahem). Amy understands everything about your face and what it needs. She also specializes in acne-prone skin and can really work miracles to heal your breakouts. My face has never looked better, truly. She also carries a line of organic skin care products that is amazing. Y’all know how I feel about putting chemicals on my skin. And Amy does too. She gives me pretty skin without my having to compromise. Go see her. And send all your friends too!

Tiger Mom Cleaning and Organizing

This is a brand new business, (someone’s dream, y’all), started by Darci Armstrong. She will handle all of your cleaning and organizing needs for an extremely reasonable price. I have worked with Darci on both organizing my office and my business and my life, basically. She is able to look at you and chat with you and immediately asses what it is you need and then get it done. I HATE having people in my space, you guys, but Darci is respectful of that and does an amazing job. Email her at to set up an appointment. You won’t regret it.

Revolver: A Salon

This is one of my favorite places in Denver, truly. It’s a mod space that plays rad music and best of all, I always look better coming out that I ever did going in. For real. Every time I get my hair done here I think “This is the BEST haircut I’ve ever had”, (thanks, Kitty!). Every. Time. They offer gift certificates, (THIS WOULD BE A GREAT GIFT FOR SOMEONE. AHEM), and they always do an amazing job. I love presents like this, because sometimes people don’t want to spend money on themselves and this is a way for you to say Treat Yo Self to someone you love. So, do it!

Shimmy Core Cardio Bellydance

I know that y’all just read that and rolled your eyes while thinking “I know my Aunt Edna would NEVER take bellydancing”…but you guys? She would. And she would love it. And so would you. It took me two years to work up the courage to take this class and I will never stop. All ages and sizes and skill levels are welcome. And when I say welcome, I mean it. The instructor is amazing and has a way of correcting you without ever making you feel like you’re doing it wrong, and all the gals in this class are so encouraging and helpful and lovely. I feel pretty and coordinated whenever I dance with these girls, and that’s no small feat. And I also sweat my ass off, you guys. And I have visible ab muscles for the first time ever in my life. They offer punch cards, which is awesome for us busy ladies who may have to skip a class or two here and there. So, don’t be scared, just do it, (and get Aunt Edna to do it too).

Honorable Mentions

I’m running out of space here, but I have two others to mention real quick:

Mile High Tattoo and Piercing

I get asked all the time about my tattoos and who does them for me. Charlie Douglas at Mile High Tattoo does an amazing job. He listens and puts on your skin exactly what’s in your head. And Paul does a great job with piercings. They are virtually painless, and I am the biggest baby ever. The shop is clean and sterile and these guys are very friendly and not surly at all and will make you feel welcome, whether it’s your first tattoo or your 100th. They do gift certificates too. Go see them!

Sacred Spiral Reiki

I was totally skeptical about this, you guys…but after one session with Jamie, I felt open and calm and like I could actually get done what I needed to get done. Even if you are new to the concept of reiki, or even skeptical about it like me, go see Jamie. Let her walk you through the process. You won’t regret it. And you’ll want to go back again and again, I promise.

So these are just some of my favorites, and I hope you’ll check them out and tell your friends. Shop small, shop local, shop where it makes a difference. XO

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