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5 alternate uses for our all natural skin care products

5 alternate uses for our all natural skin care products

So the other day, I’m sitting out on my patio, enjoying the weird summer/spring going on in Denver right now, when my daughter comes out of the house dressed in her typical style of gypsy bag lady, (y’all..brown gouchos with a pink skirt OVER them and a teal blue tank top with a sparkly silver scarf and Hello Kitty flip flops). She wanted to show me that she did her own hair. Now, usually what that means is, she gathered up all the tangles and tied them into a bun, making it virtually impossible for me to untangle it later without a lot of wine (me) and tears (her). But this time, her hair looked…well…great. It was shiny and smooth and sleek and pretty. And she smelled lovely. So I asked her how she managed this feat and she said “Oh, I just put some Sweet Georgia Sugar in it”. Wait. What? So she explained that she just used a little body butter and the tangles “fell right out”. You don’t say? So I started thinking about the different ways that I use our products in my own beauty routine and thought I’d share a few with you guys:

  • I use our eye cream to remove my eye makeup. It contains coconut oil, which I discovered a while back might possibly make my eyelashes grow, and it’ll take off all your eye makeup, no matter how many layers of mascara you have on. While moisturizing and fighting wrinkles.
  • Our Facial Cleansing Oil works GREAT to shave with. I discovered this by accident when I ran out of shave soap and haven’t looked back. I especially like to use the Rose-Vanilla, as it containes a blend of sweet almond and olive oils which are very nourishing and tend to help me avoid knicks and cuts.
  • So, I just recently got the wild idea to take my dyed-jet-black-with-blue-green-and-purple highlights hair and bleach it platinum blonde. By myself, in my bathroom at home. Because I am super smart. Obviously. Anyway, my scalp was mad at me and so were my poor, overprocessed tresses. In an attempt to calm my irritated noggin after the fourth (maybe fifth? Y’all don’t judge me!), round of bleach, I decided to try massaging some of our Rosemary-Mint Moisturizing Facial Oil into my scalp. I thought that maybe the rosemary and mint would have a cooling effect, and it totally worked! The other thing that happened is that my hair felt like spun silk once it dried. Not an easy feat when you’ve basically fried it to hell and back. So now I use it as a once a week scalp treatment. It makes me feel fancy, you guys.
  • I also took a cue from my girl and started using our natural body butter as a “styling product for my hair.” I’ve found that it adds texture and shine and hold all at once, (I use the lavender because I love the fact that my hair smells like flowers. It just takes a tiny bit to replicate the results of the three other products I was using before, AND with no nasty chemicals.
  • This one is weird, you guys. In my other life, I worked in hotels. Once, I overheard some of our housekeepers talking about how they would sometimes use baby oil to clean the tubs and sinks. WTF? But it turns out that the same principle of “oil cuts through oil” that works for your skin, also works in your tub. Now, I would never use baby oil because it’s full of a bunch of stuff that I don’t want on my skin or down my drain, but when I have been especially lazy about my housework and the tub gets that gross ring or hard water stains or when my daughter decides to DRAW SMILEY FACES ON THE TILE WITH MY FAVORITE LIPSTICK, I use a tiny bit of our Body Scrub to clean it. The combination of the oils and the gentle salt/sugar scrub cuts through dirt and grime and rinses away clean. And also smells yummy and natural and not like some synthetic version of fruit or flowers.

I’m all for making life simple, y’all. If I can find one thing that works as three things, I’m gonna do it. So, try some of these and also let us know what some of your favorite two-birds-with-one-stone tricks are! XXOO

4 thoughts on “5 alternate uses for our all natural skin care products

  1. Totally trying all of these things. I think I have most of the products with the exception of the body scrub. Thank for the tips.

    1. Melissa, please check back in and let us know how those work for you! and also if you have any other uses that we may not have thought of!

  2. Just sayin’ I use the lavender body butter as deodorant. Works GREAT if the temp is below 100,then nothing really works.

    1. I hadn’t considered that, but I’ll be trying it now!

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