To all of our wonderful customers,

All of us at Sweet Georgia Sugar would like to thank you all for your years of loyal support, however, due to financial constraints and uncertainty about the economy, and, you know, life, we are going to be closing our doors, so to speak.

Y'all, I can't even tell you how much your loving, sharing, liking, supporting, and recommending has meant to us. This was my dream, and even though this part of my dream has come to an end, you guys really and truly made it come true for me. I've loved making and mixing and experimenting and most of all, being able to offer you simple products that actually made your skin better. I hope that you will continue to support your small, local businesses, (because these represent someone else's dream), and to continue to be the supportive, loving, encouraging community that I know you are.

Thanks for everything! If you have any lingering questions, or maybe need a recommendation for similar products, you can reach me at

With all the love in my heart,